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DRA Legal are skilled in resolving disputes whether by way of litigation, mediation, arbitration or expert determination. Key areas of strength of our litigation practice are contractual disputes, receiverships, insolvency and corporate restructuring claims, professional negligence, intellectual property, competition, real estate particularly in construction and engineering issues, financial fraud, debt recovery, expropriation, insurance claims, tax matters, employment, libel, product liability, class action matters, immigration, multiparty litigation, probate matters, trusts.

The firm's primary objective is to ensure that disputes arising from the business and commercial activities of clients are effectively resolved with minimum expenditure of time and resources by clients. DRA Legal’s Litigation, Arbitration Practice Group is comprised of dispute resolution experts with commendable experience in the Firm’s other core practice areas.

Our litigation practice supports our corporate law practice, while the former is in turn enhanced by our aptitude in the latter. Thus, DRA Legal lawyers have helped to extend and clarify the frontiers of commercial law and practice in Nigeria, especially through litigation.